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LANGTONS’ Areas of Expertise

Building Surveys

A building survey involves a detailed inspection of all accessible elements of the property and it is appropriate for large or period buildings, or where an in-depth analysis of the structure is required.

The object of the survey is to inform you about the condition of the property. Advice is given on the state of the roofs, walls, floors, ceilings, partitions, windows and doors, also whether there is any subsidence or other structural movement, wet rot, dry rot, woodworm or rising dampness. Services, such as the electrical installation, central heating, hot and cold water systems and drains, are inspected; and if necessary, tests are advised.

Private Home Buyer Surveys

The private home buyer survey is appropriate for more modern properties. It involves a detailed inspection of the building, but it is presented in a more succinct format, and its purpose is to identify principal defects.


A valuation involves an inspection of all accessible elements of the property in order to establish overall condition. In the course of this, features of a positive or negative nature, both environmentally and in the building itself, are assessed and evaluated. The report will also advise on market value and the correct purchase price.

Flat Lease Extensions

The valuation of flat lease extensions is a mystery to the majority of chartered surveyors and it is a discipline which few undertake because of its complexity. Adrian Jones is a specialist in this field, and acts for freeholders and leaseholders.

Expert Witness Reports and Charities Act Valuations

As a result of long experience and status, Langtons are often instructed to carry out expert witness reports for litigation purposes and valuations for charities on all types of properties.

Restrictive covenants

Restrictive covenants affect the use of a property and can be a major obstruction when extension or development is proposed. They are widely misunderstood by professionals, but this is an area in which Adrian Jones specialises, and he has a flawless record in reducing the sums demanded by individuals and corporate bodies for the modification or extinguishment of covenants.

Tax Valuations

Tax valuations often involve valuations at retrospective dates, particularly for Capital Gains Tax purposes. Extensive records dating back to the late 1920s are retained and therefore accurate retrospective valuations can be produced. We also have considerable experience in negotiating with HMRC.

Listed and Historic Buildings

Nigel Morgan can advise if you already own an historic building, whether listed or not. A wrong decision on repairs, maintenance or alterations can lead to deterioration in its condition, reduction in value and enforcement action by the Local Authority.

We can advise on correct and sympathetic methods and materials, negotiate with conservation officers and supervise works.

Schedules of Condition and Dilapidations

At the commencement of a lease it is important to establish the condition of the property, and ensure that the full extent of the liability to repair is documented. This is because an implied term in all leases is not merely to maintain the property in good repair, but to put it into good repair. A schedule of condition will establish the extent of this liability. At the end of the lease, it is appropriate to assess the degree of dilapidation and the cost of remedial action. This is of interest to both the landlord and tenant, and Langtons can act for either party.

Project Management

When building works are carried out, difficulties are often encountered because of inadequate supervision. Langtons can prevent these problems by ensuring that the work is undertaken correctly and also prevent the contractor from overcharging.

House Finding

Most house finders are not qualified surveyors, and much time can be wasted by recommending the purchase of properties which are then rejected when surveys are carried out. As part of the procedure adopted by Langtons, when suitable properties are identified, major defects are assessed. Along with general decorative and environmental factors, these are reflected in the valuations; which are subsequently negotiated, if required.

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